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The Whole Gang                                                                            With Mary, 1987


25-Year Reunion
With the Newest "Echo-Hotel
Hanscom Air Field - June, 2010

Dr. Tim & 1987 Flight Crew at the

MedFlight 20th Anniversary Reunion

Boston Seaport Hotel, 2005


 Not a Bad View from the "Office"

In East Boston with Bill and Karen.jpg (72293 bytes)

Clearing Mass. General

in Paramedic-11

In Topsfield MAST Helo.jpg (297239 bytes)

Northeastern University Paramedic Class #7

Training with the 1059th MAST Unit at Topsfield Academy, 1983

Harlem Station with Carlos Joe Eugene.jpg (80954 bytes)

NYCEMS - Covering Tour II in Harlem with Carlos & Eugene in "13-Xray"




AmCareHarlemHospital.jpg (72789 bytes)

Harlem Hospital Trauma Code

AmCareMedFliteHover.jpg (79863 bytes)

On Final Approach at Boston City Hospital Helipad




Walt_LeftSeat_Preflight.jpg (90278 bytes)

Pre-Flight Check


AmCareRapelling.jpg (79657 bytes)

Rappelling at Mount Tom


Shift Change Walt Tim Rich HeleneDiane.jpg (67238 bytes)

After a Long Night

Shift Change at Logan International




Walt and Jovan Norwell Head-On.jpg (13290 bytes)

Airlift from Norwell


Report of a Jumper at the Tobin Bridge

Rochester Institute of Technology Ambulance Shift, 1980 
Walts NAUI Qualifiication at Marblehead

PADI Open Water Qualification Dive at Marblehead

Holyoke P1.jpg (99590 bytes)

 Evening Shift at Holyoke Hospital








Multiple Stabbing Paul Melissa and Walt.jpg (16245 bytes)

P-11 Stabbing in Chelsea