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(Fully Vaccinated), In-person NREMT Skill Stations and Scenarios, May 2021

 Emergency Vehicle Operator Course ("E.V.O.C.") Vermont Staff Annual Certification, March 2021

High Performance CPR Resuscitation Academy with Vermont State Instructor Chris, July 2020


(A brief Intermission from in-person Training during COVID Vermont Peak Months)

Winter Tree Stand Accident/Injured Hunter Simulation with Sheldon Fire & Rescue, December 2019

Pediatric Sim Baby and "Live" Pedi Exercise with Vermont EMS for Children Coordinator, October 2019



Obstetric Complications Paramedic Regional Training with NMC OB Physician Dr. Disney, October 2019



Obstetrics Sim Lab Training During National Healthcare Simulation Week, September 2019



District-wide Paramedic Cricothyrotomy/Surgical Airway Review, September 2019


Cardiac Arrest and Airway Obstruction Training, August 2019


Mental Health First Aid Course with Northwest Counseling and Support Services, July 2019




Critical Care Paramedic Inservice - Infusion Pumps and Transport Ventilators, with Respiratory Therapy and Pharmacy, July, 2019



Paramedic Skills and Assist Lab, June, 2019

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Refresher, May, 2019


Special Healthcare Needs, LVAD Training, May, 2019

Neonate/Pediatrics, Special Trauma Situations Training, April, 2019

Incident Command System Inservice, March, 2019

Electronic Health Record Update, February, 2019

Vermont "Capitol for a Day" Seminar with VT Public Safety Commissioner Anderson, 2018

Pediatric Respiratory Emergency Joint Training with NMC Respiratory Therapy, December 2018


Endocrine System Training, October 2018

Combined Training with St. Albans PD & St. Albans Town FD, September 2018


UTV Rescue Training with St. Albans Town Fire Department, June 2018


Rescue Task Force Refresher Training with Franklin County SRT, May 2018

COLST/Advance Directive/Palliative Care Training, April 2018

EMS Provider Safety/Wellness Training & Quarterly Airway Skills Review, March 2018

Hypothermia, Winter Injuries & Advanced Airway Training, February 2018


Paramedic Ketamine Training with Dr. Jess & Dr. Sue, 2018

EMS Credentialing Stations, 2018

Mylan Pharmaceutical Laboratories Training, 2017

AmCare 2017 Regional Scholastic Sports Injury Training with MVU/BFA/EFHS Staff




Nighttime ATV Accident Training Exercise, Sheldon


FBI Albany WMD Course at the 15th CST, September 2017


Safety Training

Humeral Intraosseous Access Training


Exertional Heat Stroke Management Training by Dr. Sue

Tactical EMS:  School Active Shooter Exercise


Tactical EMS:  Rescue Task Force Operations

Electronic Healthcare Record Data Entry Training


Paramedic PALS & ACLS Recert Session

St. Albans City Fire Department Inservice

Franklin County Special Response Team - Tactical Inservice


Critical Decision-Making Training


Sepsis Alert & Assessment

 Highgate Firefighter Inservice



Pediatric & Advanced Airway Management Training



 Rescue Task Force - Tactical Equipment Training

Vermont Alert Notification - Manager Training

Tactical EMS - Rescue Task Force Training

Fairfield Firefighter Inservice


Research-Based EMS Practices Training

Vermont State Police Clandestine Drug Lab Team - Butane Hash Oil Training

Advanced Skills Clinical Lab



Advanced Spinal Assessment and Motion Restriction Training

School Active Shooter Exercise Series, St. Albans City Elementary School

Ventricular Assist Device (V.A.D.) Clinical Management Training


Sheldon Extrication & Mass Casualty Training








Paramedic Video Laryngoscope Training




Paramedic Clinical w/Dr. Aaron: Surgical Airway, Chest Decompression, Complicated Intubation




AmCare/Northwestern Medical Center Ebola Joint Training Exercise








Ebola Response Training - Personal Protective Equipment




Sheldon Mill - Mass Casualty Incident / SALT Triage Training









Near-Drowning and Water Emergencies Training


Georgia Construction Site and Logging Accident Training






Intubation Training with Dr. John




Head and Spinal Injury Training with Dr. Jodi







   Sheldon VAST Trail Snowmobile Accident Training  

Ambulance Mobile Data Terminal Geolocation


Nighttime Patient Rescue with Sheldon Fire Department and Franklin County Sheriff's Department







Paramedic Case Review and Mega-code with Dr. Sue

Paramedic Surgical Airway Clinical Skills Review with Dr. Aaron





St. Albans Drug Recognition and Meth Lab Training with Lt. Ron

       Burton Island State Park Mass Casualty Incident Drill      








Homeland Security Disaster Planning Exercise


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Makin' it look easy with St. Albans Town Heavy Rescue...




Prom Time DWI Simulation